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HPX: Mo Kenney


Halifax's 23-year-old folk pop prodigy (press photo)
Halifax’s 23-year-old folk pop prodigy (press photo)

Mo Kenney has been a regular fixture in the Halifax music scene over the past three years, excelling at crafting an intimate and very individual blend of alt-rock and folk-pop. The 23-year-old first caught the ear of East Coast veteran Joel Plaskett, who helped produce her self-titled debut release and hone her touring chops.

                  Mo will be performing on several occasions throughout Halifax Pop Explosion. she’ll be giving a solo acoustic performance at the Government House on Barrington St on Oct. 22, and will be performing alongside Joel Plaskett and Symphony Nova Scotia at the Rebecca Cohn on Oct. 24 and 25.

“I’ve never played with a symphony before in my life,” she says. “I’m really excited, but I’m pretty nervous. I’ll be playing two songs along with symphony arrangements, and Joel will be playing with me through the others. It’ll be different from anything I’ve ever done.”

Mo Kenney’s debut record was released last September, and this past year has seen her nominated for an East Coast Music Award and a Canadian Folk Music Award. She’s since been working with a full-band outfit, touring across the country. Through her success and acclaim, she’s become a must-see in Halifax’s diverse catalogue of musicians.

“The music community here is amazing. There’s a ton of great artists and musicians, I love how tight-knit it is. There’s always a healthy dose of local musicians involved with Pop Explosion.”

Mat Wilush
Mat Wilush
Mat Wilush once went to see Agent Orange on the outskirts of Toronto, where the beer was salty and drunken teenagers took turns sitting in a prop electric chair. The music had aged poorly. A mohawk’d middle-ager danced through the first couple songs, but quickly tired out. There just isn’t much room for surf rock in the world anymore. What next? Mat Wilush wants to know. Mat is the Gazette's Arts Editor. Follow him on Twitter at @wilushwho and email him at

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