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Nicotine log #2

I get hit with this feeling after about four days without using nicotine. It’s hard to describe for those who have never tried nicotine, but smokers will know what I’m talking about. 

When I was a kid, I would go swimming in the lake. We’d play a game where we’d let our bodies sink underwater and land on the bottom. We’d try to stay there for as long as possible and the winner was the last one to surge up for air. 

Those final moments when your lungs feel like they’re being strangled by strong hands that are squeezing the air out of you. That’s what it feels like. And you know all that can be relieved by the inhalation of nicotine. One smoke.

Quitting nicotine is a constant war against this feeling. Every hour, every day is a battle. I choose to keep fighting this week.


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