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Anybody who has watched the movie Superbad remembers the scene where a young Evan (played by Michael Cera) is mocked by his teen accomplice Seth: “Oh Evan, thank you for bringing that lube for my pussy,” Jonah Hill’s character mocks. “I would have never been able to handle your four inch dick inside my pussy without that gigantic bottle of lube.”
The scene is memorable due to the mocking most teenagers experience. Joking aside, lubricant certainly provides a lot of help for couples old, and in this case, young. The practicalities behind using lubricant are numerous from making sex more comfortable to allowing less chance of condoms breaking. In most cases, it just adds to the fun.
There are a lot of kinds of lubricant on the market; most of them have ridiculous names. Astro Glide may promote out of this world smooth sex, but in reality it gunks up.
Gunking is a problem most lubricants have, but one brand is attempting to fix that. At Halifax’s recent Everything To Do With Sex Show, a certain bottle of lubricant stood out above the rest. Simply called Lube, the lubrication is made by Canada’s own Triesco.
Created by a safe sex educator, this Lube (also known as Personal Lube on the company’s website) is made first and foremost with distilled water. The water is the purest that can be achieved and mimics the human body’s natural lubrication. Because of this the product can be used with latex condoms and won’t allow them to degrade at a higher rate in the same way an oil based lubricant would. Glycerine is also added to the product, making it even more slippery and giving the lube a sweet taste which is also natural for the body to consume; the lubricant is edible, which adds even more fun for couples.
The product states it doesn’t gunk, and it stays true to its claim. However, most of us don’t have marathon three hour bouts of sex. Putting a small amount on my hand and letting it stay for a few hours, upon even putting the smallest drop of water on the applied area the lubricant came back to life.
This is hands down the best lubricant on the market. It is Canadian made, so purchasing it helps the economy. Triesco have also supplied the product to a number of AIDS-prevention agencies in North America and plans to continue support for safer sex around the world. The bottle is massive and has an easy spout for application so you don’t waste any of the lubricant.
If you want a lubricant that doesn’t gunk and has no frills, this product will get the job done.

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