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On the Fringes

The Atlantic Fringe Festival, now celebrating its 25th anniversary, kicks off this week.

The festival is a display of experimental and artistic theater, aiming to provide interesting and accessible entertainment.

This year, Fringe boasts 12 venues and 50 shows – most being $10 or under, and running at multiple times and dates.

The tradition of Fringe festivals started in the 1940s in Edinburgh, when eight theatre groups arrived unannounced to the city’s large international theatre festival but had to settle for non-central venues when the rest of the venues were packed.

This tradition kept on going, growing larger in North America than in any other continent.

Though younger than the Edinburgh festival, the Atlantic Fringe Festival has a dynamic history and a growing reputation.

This year, the shows performed include a Montréal Fringe Festival best film script nominee (Drag Queen Stole my Dress), a story about the fall of a superhero (Heroic), a multimedia show that blends live animation with music and projection (Many Loves), a live theater zine (Sit On My Face), a comedy about a riot (Agitprop) and, of course, a comedy night.

Tickets can either be purchased at the door or at More information about the shows, along with a full schedule, can be found at


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