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Snapshots of 2020

January: Students at the University of King’s College in Halifax take a stand against their institution. Posters in the Arts and Administration building protest the rise in international students’ tuition fees. 
March: Donations from the bin outside Dalhousie University’s Shirreff Hall are scattered across a table. Contributions surged as students vacated residence, due to the pandemic, leaving a dispensary of goods up for grabs. 
April: Piles of takeout boxes fill the trash cans outside Howe dining hall during quarantine. Takeout has become the popular choice as students carry food to their rooms to practice social distancing. 
May: Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport is almost entirely empty after emergency repatriation flights reopen. These free flights were organized by governments to return citizens to their home countries. 
May: A bird’s-eye view of Toronto. The sky is clear; flight activity has greatly reduced due to the pandemic. 
May: Dawn breaks outside Aeropuerto Internacional Mariscal Sucre de Quito in Ecuador. 
May: Stranded due to the pandemic, a family finally arrives back in Ecuador after a three-month delay in Canada. 

March: Gonzalo and Nicolas Maldonado watch the news in Quito, Ecuador, as new preventive measures for the virus are announced.  

July: A seven-year-old Ecuadorian boy is ready to attend a dentist appointment for the first time this year. As businesses reopen, safety measures such as mask-wearing are put in place. 

March: The view from a balcony overlooking Avenida Interoceánica, the once busy highway in Quito, Ecuador.  

June: A woman walks around a closed mall in downtown Quito, Ecuador. This once popular area is now deserted. 

June: Manuel Maldonado from Bermuda begins online summer classes. His parents have built a special classroom for him to work in for the upcoming fall semester of elementary school.  
June: A mask-clad woman walks her dog in a park in Quito, Ecuador.  

July: A woman receives groceries from a delivery service in Quito, Ecuador. As the closest supermarket has closed due to the number of coronavirus cases in the area, door-to-door services are now widely used. 
July: A family meets over Zoom from four different countries (the United States, Ecuador, France and Mexico) for a child’s eighth birthday.  

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