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Divest Dal camps on quad

In true Dalhousie fashion, the first tent to go up was yellow.  Over the following week the tents multiplied like mushrooms, sprouting up across the Studley Quad as members of Divest Dalhousie camped out to put pressure on university administration.   The mandate was clear. It was scrawled on signs and posters around the campsite: divest the university’s…

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Love, Father

Name: Patrick Fulgencio Instagram Handle: @patrickfulgencio Major: Journalism Patrick experimented with disposable film cameras and two-megapixel phone cameras at a young age and only picked up a DSLR camera in his first year of university. Within six months, he had already travelled to Tallinn, Estonia and shot photos for the World Curling Federation. He is…

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Urban turned rural

Name: Kyle Bernard Instagram Handle: @ChillinwithBernie Occupation/Major: Business Consultant at Chillin With Bernie was born from idea of being unique. The name is meant to instill a sense of community, a sense of equality, and that when one is “Chillin” with Bernie, they are relaxed and in the moment, enjoying every minute. This photo…

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Behind the curtain of the professional ballet

Name: Hailey Fraser Instagram Handle: @haileyfraser Occupation/Major in school: BA in International Development Studies with a minor in Law & SocietyMy name is Hailey Fraser and I am a second year student at Dalhousie from Inverness, NS. Growing up I was always surrounded by creativity, which is why I am so into photography today. In…

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Behind the Wall

Name: Carter Hutton Instagram Handle: @scrambledeggsandpomade Occupation/Major in school: Student/Photographer, International Development Bio: Carter is a second-year international development student at Dal. Having grown up abroad, Carter has a passion for travelling and exploring different countries and cultures, as well as for photography and capturing moments in everyday life, whether it be at home, or…

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The Photography Issue

If you’re reading this, chances are your experience with looking at photographs goes as far as double-tapping a picture that you like and moving on. There’s nothing wrong with that. This issue of the Dalhousie Gazette invites you to slow down and take your time, as the paper takes you through the work of five…

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Name: Cameron Edwards Instagram Handle: @cameron_edwrds Occupation/Major: ESS (Environment, Sustainability and Society) and Psychology Bio: Cameron’s goal is to present an experience with as little modification as possible. In the five years that he has been taking photos, his interests and subjects have changed dramatically. Cameron cites Halifax as a constant source of inspiration. The…

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