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The best of the best in the music world

The end of the winter semester is fast approaching. This semester has had its many highs and lows for us all.  

Whether this is because of ever-looming midterms or missing out on those limited number of gym appointments. Through it all, one of the only things that kept me in good spirits has been music.  

Over the course of this semester, so many great singles and albums have been released. With the end of the semester on its way, I thought this would be the perfect time to highlight some of the great musical art that has been put out for us to enjoy.  

Single: Open The Window by Rex Orange County feat. Tyler, The Creator (Released March 9, 2022) 

As a Tyler, The Creator fan, I find that any record he touches turns to gold.  

This collaboration is certainly one that did not disappoint. From the soothing sounds of Rex Orange County to Tyler’s catchy bars, perfection is not an over exaggeration.  

This is a great tune to roll down your windows to when driving around on a nice spring day. The lyrics, “Stuck here and I never seem to get away, but I’ll hang on,” are a perfect encapsulation of what this semester has meant to some.    

Single: Nail Tech by Jack Harlow (Released Feb. 18, 2022) 

This is the first single from Jack Harlow in 2022. It was recently announced in RollingStone that his next album, titled Come Home The Kids Miss You, is set to be released on May 6.  With the album’s first single already amassing over 39 million streams on Spotify, it is easy to see that fans are looking forward to his upcoming release.  

This song really embodies a person with immense confidence, and I plan on using that energy to get through finals at the end of this semester. I am counting down the days until May 6. 

Single: I’m Tired by Labrinth & Zendaya (Released Feb. 28, 2022) 

If you are familiar with the hit HBO show Euphoria, then you are most likely familiar with this song as well.  

This song delivers a gut-wrenching performance from Labrinth along with Zendaya, the show’s leading actress.  

Labrinth composed the score for both the first and second season of Euphoria. This song first appeared in season two, episode four. This song’s title perfectly describes how I feel this semester. Late in the song, Zendaya pulls out one of the most angelic voices I have ever heard. Is there anything she cannot do?  

Album: Little Dance by Neon Dreams (Released Feb. 25, 2022) 

 This album is the locally-based alt-pop duo’s latest release. This duo consists of Frank Kadillac and Adrian Morris, who are based in Halifax. According to an article written on Indie88FM, this song was inspired by a situation where Kadillac came face-to-face with a shark.  

The melody of this song screams summer, which is what we are all looking forward to right now.  They are currently set to start touring in April. They are also set to play at the Nova Scotia Summer Fest in August.  

Album: Love Sux by Avril Lavigne (Released Feb. 25, 2022) 

   Avril Lavigne returns to the music game with her latest album Love Sux. Her previous album was released in 2019. 

The nostalgia hits as soon as her music comes on. For me, at least, as screaming Complicated at the top of my lungs was a personality trait. It seems as if the punk queen is back and here to stay.  

With features from current pop/punk favourites Machine Gun Kelly and Blackbear, it seems like the perfect collaboration.  

After a three-year break, hearing her again is a joy to many of her fans.  

Album: Dawn F.M by The Weeknd (Released Jan. 7, 2022) 

Since the release of his hit album After Hours, it was hard to imagine that the Weeknd could top it. But this album seemed to triumph all expectations. In his new album, the Weeknd seems to follow a common theme of heartbreak and guilt.  

If you’d like to go through a rollercoaster of emotions, put this album on and let it take you through the ride.       

The album is structured like a radio station with Jim Carrey as our host; its uniqueness makes it stand out amongst his past successes.  

Album: Off Pressure by Armanie (Released March 20, 2022) 

Armanie is an East-African rapper that is currently based in Halifax. This is his debut album.  

With under a thousand streams on his songs on Spotify, he is still an up-and-coming rapper who has the potential to go big.  

With beats throughout the album that sound as if they were produced by Kanye, the professionalism shines through.  

The rich tones of Armanie’s voice throughout this album are sure to get you hooked.  


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