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The Chicken Burger: A twist on a classic

The Chicken Burger has been on Bedford Highway for 70 years. Their poutine for Poutine Fest plays on their famous chicken burger, which consists of a chopped piece of chicken with gravy on a bun.

Their gravy is a chicken gravy, which is a great idea. It would be weird to serve chicken with a beef gravy. However, the gravy isn’t flavorful, especially when the chicken is under-seasoned. It seems like they put a lot of salt on the chicken to enhance the flavour. Salt isn’t necessarily a bad thing because it amplifies flavour, however, too much salt is a bad thing.

The Chicken Burger’s poutine was boring. I love the idea of adding the chicken burger favourite to a poutine, but it just wasn’t flavourful. I wouldn’t recommend getting their featured poutine during Halifax Poutine Fest.


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