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The frosh guide to campus bars

Frosh guide to Campus Bars - The Grad House
A familiar sign on campus. Photo by Angela Gzowski

Hali hangouts to suit any style


With files from Erica Eades

At the heart of the university experience lies the social bonds formed at the beginning of your freshman year. Sure, some would have you believe that the goal of pursuing a degree is to get a job in your chosen field, but at the end of the day, the friends you make will be worth more than a piece of paper hanging above your desk.

So if the social experience is at the heart of university life, then a little bit of social lubricant is the lifeblood. Of course, I am talking about beer. And in Halifax, there is no shortage of pubs at which to get it, especially if you’re on campus.

If you spend any time at the Dalhousie Student Union Building, you are probably aware of The Grawood (6136 University Ave.). What this bar lacks in clarification over the pronunciation of its own name, it makes up for with cheap eats and drinks. In recent years the bar has made a lot of improvements by creating a stronger atmosphere with mood lights, dining booths and a new menu. When the bar’s main stage isn’t projecting current affairs programs or NHL games, it’s used for a number of concerts and open-mic nights throughout the year. Thursdays are the place to be for weekly trivia, in which teams battle it out for prizes and free drinks. It’s the only scenario where a working knowledge of the character names in The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers can be an advantage, which is funny and depressing at the same time. –MR

Up on Sexton Campus, engineers and architects alike spend their time at the T-Room (5269 Morris St.). Drinks are cheap, the bar has a friendly atmosphere with group seating, and they even have a small stage for karaoke and the occasional concert. Last year, Two Hours Traffic and Great Bloomers graced the stage, as well as frat-rap-rockers L.M.F.A.O., because if you’re a band known for a single entitled “Shots,” there is no better group of people to perform for than a bunch of engineers. –MR

Another great option is The Grad House (1252 Lemarchant St.), a bar that surprisingly isn’t just for graduates. The Grad House offers an upscale atmosphere for Dal students, with a modern interior and a variety of vegetarian and gluten-free dishes. Bond over a pint of beer while playing one of the many board games on site, or try your hand at their ancient upright piano if you’re feeling a little musical. –MR

Last but not least is the HMCS King’s Wardroom. Located in the lower level of the A&A Building (6350 Coburg Rd.), this quaint little pub offers a comforting alternative to the city’s rowdier bars. If your idea of a good night includes chatting about Plato and politics over cheap pints, taking in a game of pool, or being serenaded by your peers at an open-mic, the Wardroom is sure to tickle your fancy. –EE

Whether a freshman, engineer or graduate, the campus bars have something for all.


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