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The newbie’s guide to drinks and dancing

Arts LogoWelcome to Halifax! If hitting the bars is your style, this is the perfect place to be. Halifax is reputed to have the most bars per capita in Canada. With that abundant selection, this handy guide is a must-have for newcomers to navigate the downtown maze, and will serve as a refresher for veteran students bored with the same three bars. This basic guide should motivate anyone to get out there and test the waters—or the beers.


Campus Bars:

The Grawood (6136 University Ave) hosts trivia every Thursday night and has great live music. The Grad House (1252 LeMarchant St.) has killer power hours and serves yummy munchies. Those who came to university hoping to find their other half may want to hang their hats at The T-Room on Sexton Campus (1360 Barrington St.) to meet a future engineer. In the basement of the A&A building at the University of King’s College is the HMCS King’s Wardroom (6350 Coburg Rd.). Get a King’s student to sign you in and down cheap beers while talking philosophy with Foundation Year students.



Looking to dance? The Dome (1726 Argyle St.) is the perfect place to look for love in the club—strap on your stilettos and get set to dance those poles. Oh yes, there are poles. There is a reason it’s nicknamed ‘the Dirty Dome,’ but for some, the Dome is home. The New Palace Cabaret (1721 Brunswick St.) is another place to go for shimmying on the dance floor. For a classier place to dance, check out The Argyle Bar & Grill’s (1575 Argyle St.) infamous rooftop patio.


Sports Fans:

Bubba Ray’s (5650 Spring Garden Rd.), with sports memorabilia decorating the walls, is the perfect place to watch the game and eat some wings. If it’s busy, hop across the street to Oasis (5675 Spring Garden Rd.) for equally reasonably priced pitchers and karaoke on Thursdays. The key is to share pitchers until an off-key rendition of “Ignition” gets everyone rocking their upper bodies.



Down by the waterfront is The Lower Deck (1869 Upper Water St.), a favourite with students despite the steeper prices and long line-ups. It could be because Signal Hill, the greatest cover band of all time, plays every Sunday. Other gems include the Halifax Alehouse (1717 Brunswick St.) where the waitresses dress as wenches and the historic atmosphere is pretty awesome. Irish pub Pogue Fado (1581 Barrington St.) is known for live music on Thursday nights and jumbo wings. Other beer meccas include The Old Triangle Alehouse (5136 Prince St.), The Maxwell’s Plum (1600 Grafton St.), with the biggest selection of beer of any bar in Halifax and Split Crow (1855 Granville St.), the oldest tavern in Halifax, known for its power hours on Saturdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.


That’s the lowdown. Try out the whole list or just choose a few. Remember to always drink responsibly, have a safe way home and have fun!



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