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Top 8 spring trends

Arts Logo1950s Domestic – Pastel, prim, high-necklines, shifts:

SM: This is feminine and beautiful, a reminder that we can be both sexy and covered up. It’s perfect for those days when you need to be tasteful (job interview, anyone?) but still want to be stylish. Conversely, I love pairing pieces that channel this trend with somewhat less demure outfits.

Vintage stores in town have some really gorgeous pieces, and of course, Sweet Pea does as well.

RB: I’ve always been a sucker for this trend. Who hasn’t? Mad Men, Pan-Am, The Hour—hese shows all capitalize on nostalgia for the good old days of fitted suits, high-waists and the day-time pump.


Sporty – form-fitting, durable fabrics, bright blocked colours:

SM: I loathe this trend with every fibre of my being.

RB: I have to smile. I have a tendency to agree with Simone on this one, but what I do love about sporty pieces is the fantastic juxtapositions you can do with them. Bright sneakers with a flowy, feminine top? Neoprene and lace? Visor and a mini-skirt? The options are endless!


Prints – Large floral, mixed, bright colours, geometrics:

SM: I’m always happy when I see that trend reports are still talking about floral prints. They are my absolute favourites. Mix it up this season by rocking floral (or the print of your choosing) in unexpected places. My current obsession is floral with menswear.

RB: OK, now it’s my turn to make a face. I will be perfectly honest, I don’t understand florals. I can’t wear them, they’re not my style and I don’t know how to pair them with things. But if I could ever get into florals, it would probably be now, because of their bold brightness this season. As for prints comprised of block colours and geometrics, that modern art sort of look is totally up my alley. I delight in the flamboyant simplicity.


1920s Jazz Age – flapper style, fringe, geometric prints:

SM: I adore fringe. It is the most fun thing to wear (and dance in). Vintage stores have really interesting dresses that draw on this era, or are even right from the era, and H&M has some really cute items inspired by it as well.

RB: I love the fringe too. Actually, the last fantastic flapper dress I saw was on none other than Ms. MacLennan herself. With a smoky eye and a little attitude? It can be a very sexy look. But I can’t lie, I’m a little frightened by the dropped-waist.


Sheer/nude translucent, sexy, lingerie-style:

SM: I’ll say it night now: this is my favourite trend. What makes these pieces is the fact that you’ve deliberately chosen to show off, well, whatever it is that you’re showing off! With these pieces, you’ll want to keep the rest of the outfit super casual and toned down (think knee length skirt, jeans, flats—you catch my drift).

RB: You know who’s done this trend justice recently? Rooney Mara. Such elegance and sex appeal. It is indeed of utmost importance to keep a look with cut-outs and sheer areas very minimal. This is not something you load a bunch of accessories on to; this is something you have to let speak for itself.


Shorts – tailored, printed, structured:

SM: Any excuse to show some leg is good in my books. Pair super structured or tailored shorts with something a bit wilder on top. Rocking a printed pair (you go, girl) means that they are the focal point, so keep the rest of the outfit simple. I would recommend The Gap or Club Monaco for these. They’ve done some lovely tailored bottoms in the past.

RB: Love this! Shorts can be so much fun, not just boring basics. I love the idea that you can wear a white tee and just let an amazing pair of red striped, structured short-shorts be the focal point of the outfit. Pile on some wooden accessories, some nice flat sandals, and really give the jungle explorer look a try. Classy, but playful.


Pastel baby pinks and blues, sherbert oranges and yellows:

SM: Pastels are the most fun if you like to imbue a touch of femininity into an outfit without it becoming too girly. I’m a fan of colour blocking pastels, just like last year’s neons. American Apparel does great separates in every colour under the sun,  and they’re probably your best bet, along with Banana Republic.

RB: Pastels. Hmm. A troubled relationship for some skin tones, mine included. I always think they look better on a tan. But, pale girls, I think we should maybe think twice about this fear. There are surely some colours that will look good on us regardless of whether they’re pastel or not. Flaunt it! And if not with your clothes, at least on your nails. Because really, these colours are too cute and feminine to pass up!


Cropped retro crop tops calling back to 1950s/1960s beach wear:

SM: I’m so happy this trend is back. Who doesn’t love some midriff? Avoid looking super nineties by showing off the top half of your stomach (ribcage area) as opposed to below the navel. Pair a high-waisted skirt or shorts with your cropped top. American Eagle has some really cute ones.

RB: One word to describe my happiness at this coming in trend: Whee!


The snow is nearly gone, so don’t hesitate to get shopping and put some spring in your step.


With Simone MacLennan, Arts Contributor


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