Why go outdoors this summer?

As many know, the end of the semester swiftly approaches, which means a stressful time as one deals with finals and term papers. But this period is also one which the latest Spring Animes are beginning. Here are a few of some of the more anticipated or interesting series which’ll be coming out this season in Japan.

Shougeki no Souma – J.C. Staff – Airing April 4th 2015 – The anime adaptation of a long running shonen culinary manga, this series looks to be one of the most heavily anticipated works. Throughout the manga, a large number of different culinary traditions both Japanese and otherwise are illustrated perfectly in all their delicious detail, and the early previews of the anime look no different.

Owari no Seraph – Wit Studio – Airing April 4th 2015 – Wit Studio, best known for their massively popular Shingeki No Kyojin adaptation during the spring and summer of 2013, looks to be trying to repeat this after having produced a few rather light-hearted shows in the meantime. This work, set in a dystopian world where humanity is enslaved by vampires, is based on a decent enough manga series, but is unlikely to be as popular as the past series of the still fairly new studio.

Denpa Kyoushi – A-1 Pictures – Airing April 4th 2015 – A high school harem series, this stars a genius scientist Junichirou who is coerced to work as a teacher in Ichou Academy. Throughout the series, he helps the students in his class overcome a variety of issues which they face, endearing himself to them. The manga is actually quite redeemable, given that it is harem, taking some of the better aspects of the Negima and The World God Only Knows series, and provided A-1 doesn’t mess with the formula set b by it, they should have a decent series on their hands.

Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love Revolutions – A-1 Pictures – Airing April 5th 2015 – One of the biggest idol series in years gets it third series, with huge amounts of homoerotic overtones, which of course the fans have demanded. While some might degrade the series on it’s content, a title doesn’t get a third series without having some quality, and it continues the Male Harem trend we’ve seen with the various Free! series and Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love! from this winter.

Digimon Adventure tri. – Toei Animation – Unan- nounced April Airing Date – Marking the 15th anniver- sary of the first Digimon series (has it really been that long?), this series is set with the main characters now in high school. It’ll be incredibly hard to say if this series will be popular, either here in North America or in Japan – it’s quite easy to screw up nostalgia, and given the nature of the Digimon franchises localization in North America, it’s quite possible that more modern practices in translation and localization will not accord with people’s memories. This said, it’ll definitely be a series to watch out for.

Anata wo Zutto Aishiteru – Airing June 6th – Based on the popular children’s book series by Tatsuya Miyanishi, this basically looks like a Japanese “Land Before Time”, starring an infant Tyrannosaurus named Toron, who after losing his parents embarks on a journey where he meets new friends, learns about courage and what love truly means.

There are still a number of popular Winter series continuing on, such as the Assassination Classroom series and the 3rd Kuroko no Basket series, so whatever you’re looking for there seems to be quite a large number of series to pay attention to looking forward too.

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