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Willy’s Fresh Cut: A Thanksgiving Special

One of my favourite parts of Thanksgiving and Christmas is the leftovers. I love having stuffing with gravy and cranberry sauce. Willy’s Fresh Cut poutine consisted of fries, cheese curds, gravy, stuffing and cranberry sauce on the side. This poutine tasted like Christmas and happiness. It has the flavour profiles of a turkey dinner with the profile of a poutine.

This poutine was balanced well. It was not perfectly balanced as other poutines I have experienced (read my other review on Krave Burger). The cranberry sauce helped cut through the richness of the poutine and added a little sweetness.

The poutine had just the right amount of gravy and cheese curds. There also was a perfect amount of cranberry sauce — any more and it would have been too sweet.

While the idea was simplistic, it didn’t lack in flavour. If you love to eat turkey dinners as much as I do, I would recommend this well-executed poutine.


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