Ace Burger Company: the Jughead Poutine

Ace Burger Company’s poutine is called the Jughead Poutine. It contains fries with burger meat, cheddar cheese, gravy, caramelized onions, bacon strips, and cheese curds. Named after the hamburger-loving character from the Archie Comics, this poutine tastes like a hamburger.

The poutine’s taste and texture reminded me of meat loaf. The ground beef felt weird. The main flavours in the poutine were the cheddar cheese and the beef, which overpowered everything else. I didn’t find any cheese curds until I reached the bottom of the poutine. Though it did taste like I was eating a hamburger, it was not a well-balanced poutine.

I love the idea that Ace Burger Company named their signature poutine after one of my childhood heroes. Unfortunately, it was not executed that well. Had this poutine been executed better, it would have been phenomenal. I would not recommend this poutine to other poutine enthusiasts.

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Jesse Ward

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