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Krave Burger: The Donair Poutine

This Halifax Poutine Week, Krave Burger features an East Coast offering: a donair poutine.

To me, poutines are great on their own: the slightly melting cheese curds with the flavourful, warm gravy, all on top of crisp French fries. Adding things to poutine can either enhance or ruin the poutine. A good poutine needs to have balance; it should never lose the characteristics of a poutine. If you have too many toppings, you might only taste the toppers, rather than the cheese or the gravy.

Krave Burger’s Donair Poutine contained shaved donair meat, caramelized onions, cheese curds, gravy, and a drizzle of donair sauce. Almost every component of this dish was perfect. There was the perfect amount of donair sauce to give it the poutine the signature donair flavour; too much of the sauce would overpower the gravy and make the poutine super sweet. The donair meat was seasoned well.

The only thing that would improve this dish is the onions. I would have preferred to have them more caramelized, as they looked pale rather than deep brown. Even if you don’t like onions, they wouldn’t ruin this poutine because they aren’t noticeable.

The Donair Poutine is a perfect example of a balanced poutine. Even though it had the strong flavour of the donair, the poutine flavour was still intact.

If you love donairs and poutine, then I highly recommend you get this poutine at Krave Burger.


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