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Winter break is coming

Whether the semester has gone too fast or too slow, the impending winter break that’s been dangling over Dal and King’s students like a treat in front of a puppy will be a sweet sigh of relief after finals are over on December 18th.

It’s close. So close.

When it comes through, don’t forget to enjoy it as thoroughly as possible before coming back for another semester. To start off your break, check out a playlist compiled by Grant Ruffinengo, full of smooth jazzy hip-hop tracks to help you escape the Christmas music on repeat.



Even though the past semester was spent reading, there’s a subtle comfort in choosing what you want to read and having the liberty to put it down if you don’t enjoy it.

And then when you’re done – you don’t have to write about it. Amazing.

If you’re looking, recommend The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. It’s a mysterious read about a boy involved in a tragic accident tied to his mother’s’ death and a famous, lost painting that sends him through a tumultuous childhood and full throttle into adulthood.

Gift idea 1: wrap one of your favourite books in plain white paper or newspaper and gift it to a friend as a simple, cheap, and personable gift to share.

Gift idea 2: Bake a batch of cookies. Here is the go-to vegan sugar cookie recipe I make every year. (It uses one bowl. Amazing.)

A simple and sweet gift. Decorate them, pop into a cute tin, wrap in a bow and voila – a simple, thoughtful and delicious gift for someone.

Or share them with your fam-jam.

Quality time with your family is essential to your well-being. Between meeting up with all of your friends and “holiday cheer,” cherish some time with them before you’re off again.

Don’t forget to be a slug too, though. There’s no such thing as a break without going over the internet bill because you spent a week of your break on the couch watching both seasons of Narcos.

Winter break is supposed to be a break. Go ahead, enjoy the TV bingeing without the guilty voice in your head saying “ummm actually, you should be writing that 10-page essay right now.”

Although family time is important, sometimes experiencing the freedom of university and then going back home can be just as stressful as it is comforting.

You may have a curfew again or can’t bring someone back to your place after the bar. Maybe this isn’t the trip to let the folks know you got your first tattoo in Halifax.

Remember that this break is a good time to unwind and have some chill-time to yourself (and not think about wrapping a present or what to do for New Years Eve for, like, maybe five minutes).

If all else fails on the relaxation train try out this amazing Christmas Jungle Juice. Hitting up a nice pitcher of a cozy apple pie cider to warm your holiday spirit and help pull through all the “So, how’s school going? What are you studying again?” questions.

Even if you don’t add the rum, this is still delicious and helpful for the questions – just keep water-falling your pitcher and never answer.

To make about 4-5 cups of hot get-me-through-this-dinner cider, here’s what you do:

Pour 6 bottles of apple juice into a pot on medium heat.

Chop 2 whole apples into matchsticks and add to the pot.

Grate ½ an orange into pot.

Add 6-7 whole cinnamon sticks; ½ tsp ginger, 1 tsp ground cloves, 1 tsp cinnamon (optional. I really love cinnamon) and 1 tsp nutmeg to the pot. Adjust according to taste.

Boil for 15 minutes stirring occasionally; until the apples and cinnamon sticks are soft.

Add any preferred dark rum for extra kick and share with a pal.


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