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Battle of the nogs

In this image: a variety of egg nog brands.

Editor’s note: This piece was inspired by The Coast’s nog taste test from 2017.  It’s that time of year again – egg nog hit grocery store shelves around Thanksgiving and we must soak up all the noggy days we have left before the government takes it away again.  News editor Rebecca Dingwell, arts editor Jessica…

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Halifax for the holidays

In this image: the Dalhousie International Centre.

A white Christmas isn’t everyone’s dream during the holidays. While many international students enjoy studying in Halifax, it can be challenging to cope without family and friends during the break.  “This time is difficult,” said Oyshee Saha Roy, who is studying for a master’s in computer science at Dalhousie University. “It has been a long…

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How Consumerism Stole Christmas

In this image: a wrapped present from LUSH.

As a kid, I loved everything about Christmas: annual traditions like baking cookies with my mom, listening to Michael Bublé’s Christmas album and letter writing. Every year without fail, I would write a letter to Santa and tell him exactly what I wanted. I don’t think he came through even once. But that’s probably because…

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Christmas time as a university student  

Hearing those sleigh bells ring-ting-tingling, just doesn’t have the same feeling  when looking at a sad bank account  as when the presents came from Santa.   Christmas is one of those things  you don’t want to change;  but eventually it does.    It’s not the same as when you were a  kid  wearing footy  pyjamas and  running down…

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Merry Christmas!

As we woke up to sugar hangovers on the first of November two thing were quickly apparent: chocolate was available at a very discounted price, and Christmas had arrived. All seasonal shelves had been re-stocked with untangled light chains that worked without being sworn at and inexpensive inflatable Santas for those who forget that high-powered…

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Winter break is coming

Whether the semester has gone too fast or too slow, the impending winter break that’s been dangling over Dal and King’s students like a treat in front of a puppy will be a sweet sigh of relief after finals are over on December 18th. It’s close. So close. When it comes through, don’t forget to…

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Readers, take note

Yes, it is only November 22. Admittedly, Christmas/the holiday season doesn’t technically start for at least a couple weeks. But we at the Gazette are holiday-positive! We celebrate the Christmas creep! We embrace it! Which is why you’re getting my holiday wish list WELL in advance of any actual holidays. You’re welcome. A funding grant…

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The Christmas creep

Don’t cry. Christmas in November is wonderful. (Bryn Karcha photo)

November is the best month of the year. I don’t care what anyone says to the contrary. The leaves have finally changed colour in Halifax, I can wear a coat without worrying whether I’ll sweat to death from the oscillating weather, and—most importantly—it’s holiday time. “But most holidays are in December!” you cry. I hear…

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Samantha’s Anti- Wish List

From the slightly weird to the utterly terrifying, my list of items I never want for Christmas. (Adele van Wyk photo)

Rather than write up a ‘worst gifts received’ article post-holidays, I thought I would anticipate the moment and let givers know what they should never bestow in the first place (at least on me). Ranked from somewhat acceptable to I-can’t-even-look-at-it, this is your unabashedly negative guide to the giving season.   #5: Underwear Underwear is a…

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I’ll be [here] for Christmas…

Decorating our Christmas tree last year with some broken ornaments we found in a box on a curb.

  Well, the Parade of Lights has come and passed, which can only mean one thing—bring on the holiday festivities. We may still have bits of Halloween candy stowed away in our drawers and a Remembrance Day poppy still pinned to our coats, but let’s get festive anyway! It’s time for us to face the…

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