The importance of David Rose

In this image: Dan Levy on-screen in a still shot of Schitt's Creek playing on a laptop.

A show dubbed “Canada’s answer to Arrested Development” recently started its fifth season on CBC.   But Schitt’s Creek isn’t just some a carbon copy of an American sitcom. I’d argue it’s one of the best shows on television right now. There are a few reasons for this, but I’m going to focus on one: his name is David Rose. David…

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2019: the year of movies

In this image: Cineplex movie theatre.

Looking at the list of box office hits this year, it may be a little hard to tell what year it really is. Have we travelled back to our childhood or are cinemas across North America capitalizing on our need for nostalgia?  People in multiple fandoms are also on the edge of their seat this…

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Hollywood award shows: changing with the times?

Headshot of Daniel Kaluuya.

Hollywood awards season is in full swing. For the past few years, award shows have been highly criticized for their lack of gender and racial diversity. But this year, things are changing.  In last year’s Golden Globes best picture nominees, only one film (Get Out) starred a leading actor of colour. Many people were also…

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Bluenose-Ability Film Festival continues to grow

In this image: the Bluenose-Ability Film Festival logo.

ReachAbility’s fourth year of hosting the annual Blusenose-Ability Film Festival (BAFF) has more events to offer than ever, and plans to grow again next year.   BAFF features both professional and amateur films showcasing stories about or by people with disabilities. It’s the only one of its kind in Canada.   It started as something to celebrate…

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A Star is Born, for the fourth time

In this image: headshot of Lady Gaga performing.

A Star is Born is the latest hit film to reach theatres this fall. But this isn’t its first time on the big screen – this film is the third remake since the original. There have been some changes.  The movie, starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, is about a young, amateur singer named Ally…

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The hype behind the horror

Boris Karloff as Frankenstein.

With Halloween right around the corner, horror movies are more popular than ever, leading to the question: what it is about them that captivates its viewers? Is it because we are secretly masochists? Do we enjoy subjecting ourselves to things that terrify us?  After polling 20 Dalhousie University students on campus about watching horror movies,…

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Crazy Rich Light-Skin Asians

Poster for Crazy Rich Asians.

Crazy Rich Asians has undoubtedly been one of the biggest Hollywood hits of the year. The film, starring Constance Wu as an economics professor travelling to Singapore to meet her crazy rich boyfriend’s crazy rich family, has received immense critical and commercial success.   It’s been highly celebrated for its all-Asian team of actors, writers, and director–the first major Hollywood film to do this since 1993’s The…

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Finning a Dalhousie Connection: Sharkwater Extinction premieres at FIN 

Seats at Park Lane Theatre filled up on Sept. 19 for the premiere of Sharkwater Extinction. The documentary dives into the shady world of shark finning, and shark-products consumers unknowingly use every day. Rob Stewart, the Torontonian filmmaker and conservationist behind it, died tragically during its filming in 2017. His family completed the film. “Rob loved Halifax,” said Rob’s mother, Sandra Campbell alongside husband Brian Stewart, to the audience on Wednesday. Campbell and Stewart gave special thanks to marine biologist, Boris Worm, and veterinarian…

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Call Me By Your Name has a chance at love and an Oscar

With the Oscars airing tonight, it’s time to look at this year’s box-office successes. This year many of the nominated films will reduce their viewers to tears, or like Luca Guadagnino’s Call Me by Your Name, ignite within us a flame fuelled with passion and sheer appreciation for its brilliance. Call Me by Your Name…

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Something gold and shiny for Lady Bird

Greta Gerwig’s Lady Bird could reach new heights at the Academy Awards tonight, where it is nominated for five Oscar Awards. It’s the year for Lady Bird, it’s the year for Gerwig and it’s the year for the woman. Lady Bird’s nominations include Best Picture, Best Actress for Saorise Ronan, Best Supporting Actress for Laurie…

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