Science project SURGEs into Dal

In this image: Attendees of the SURGE launch event.

Tuesday, Jan. 8 saw the launch of Nova Scotia’s newest “innovation sandbox.” Science Unleashed: Research Growing the Economy, better known by its acronym SURGE, aims to be a centre for science for Dalhousie University students.   Aaron Newman is a member of the department of neuroscience and psychology at Dal, and the director of SURGE. They were able to renovate their…

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The Dalhousie Student Union’s attendance problem

In this image: an empty meeting room on Dal campus.

If free pizza isn’t enough to lure students, then what is?  Near the end of last semester, on Nov. 7, the Dalhousie Student Union held its annual general meeting. The meeting failed to meet quorum – the minimum number of people required to pass new business.   At the meeting, executives discussed their plans for the year and vice-president…

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Farewell to Florizone

In this image: a portrait of Richard Florizone.

Editor’s note: This interview has been edited for length, clarity and style.   Richard Florizone is on to new things for the new year.   The 11th president of Dalhousie University is taking his leave from Halifax and heading to the Quantum Valley Ideas Lab in Waterloo, Ontario. Dalhousie Gazette contributor Isabel Buckmaster chatted with Florizone over the December break to discuss his time…

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Meet Peter MacKinnon

At the Board of Governors meeting on Nov. 27, outgoing Dalhousie University President Richard Florizone described Peter MacKinnon as “an older and wiser” version of himself.   MacKinnon is slated to serve as Dal’s interim president from Jan. 15 until June 30. He was unable to accommodate an interview with the Dalhousie Gazette before publication, but we wanted to give…

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Dal’s $55,000 price tag on access to employment information “absolute lie”

Remember that $55,000 price tag Dalhousie University gave the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) for a Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIPOP) request about employment at the university?   A Dal whistleblower says that the school exaggerated the cost.   In the summer of 2017, CUPE submitted a request for information about how many full and part-time professors were employed at Dalhousie over the…

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Dishonourable degrees

In this image: headshot of Peter Dalglish.

Editor’s note: This article discusses sexual assault, including the sexual abuse of children. Gazette contributor Karla Renic is a student of Robert Huish. To avoid a conflict of interest, Matt Stickland conducted the interview with Huish.  Dalhousie University has no policy on rescinding honorary degrees – even when the recipient is on trial for sexually abusing children.   For more than 25 years, Peter Dalglish was a Canadian humanitarian. He…

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Making student healthcare more accessible

In this image: Medication.

The Dalhousie Student Union (DSU) Health and Dental Plan Office recently took steps to improve accessibility at Dalhousie University.  The office installed a mini fridge: a measure taken to better accommodate students whose prescription medications, like insulin, require refrigeration.   Until this change, those who require refrigerated medication had it delivered in a styrofoam cold pack, which is designed to…

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Cycling to school

A bikelane with cars parked beside it.

Dalhousie University has made numerous efforts to ensure that students can have the option of biking to school. However, as cyclist and Dal employee, John Kyle pointed out, “there’s always room for improvement.”  Many students live off-campus, and some want a healthy, environmentally-friendly option to commute. With this in mind, Dal created new biking infrastructure, such as new…

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