9 reasons President Trump deserves a 9th Term

1) Made American Great Again

Americans love their founding fathers. As a nation, America has always turned to their 17th century wisdom for contemporary American issues, such as gun control and abortion. President Trump has successfully taken Americans back to a time that has been highly regarded by the country as having men so intelligent that the constitutions they wrote should never be amended regardless of how society changes. Liberty, freedom, scurvy, virtually no healthcare or fair judicial system, these are what made America one of the leading new world colonies, and President Trump made America that great country again.


2) “No one will mess with us”

A man true to his words, President Trump promised in a Republican debate in 2015 that he would bomb any part of the world to take down ISIS. While this was never accomplished, it is true that no country in the world right now messes with America! Everything from war, to international trade, to any sort of partnership between nations, no country gets involved with America and we have President Trump to thank.


3) Americans sure did show the establishment!

Back in 2016, the average Trump supporter said they supported him because they wanted to tear down “the man”. The establishment wasn’t supporting what Americans felt was supposed to be the American dream. Since the rise of Trump, he has helped an entire nation dismember an age-old establishment that was holding the country together for reasons unknown to people who lived in the outback, Bible Belt of America back in late 2010’s. By wanting to change the establishment, Trump decided to just get rid of the whole thing!


4) America now has a more politically aware average citizen:

Before President Trump, citizens use to disregard politics and think it was silly. Now with the Republican government as the only political institution left in the country, citizens are much more involved! Although some have taking to revolting, the general population has become very engaged in following each step of their leader, unlike when Trump was elected, when people didn’t vote because they didn’t actually think he could do it. Well, President Trump sure taught them a lesson!


5) No more overpopulated cities:

After many Americans who weren’t loyal to the aged system of democracy decided to flee to Canada after President Trump’s election, citizens no longer have to deal with overpopulated cities! The streets of New York City were there was once overcrowded sidewalks, is now a discarded, crumbling metropolis where only the fittest survive. As it should be.



6) “Hunger Games” was a great early 2010’s movie franchise, and now we get to live it!

Speaking of incentives to stay fit, nothing makes you want to ensure your children are in peak physical condition like having them sent off to represent your district in a death match. President Trump was right in doing this because youth can often be “untamed”, and after he had to deal with this in his republican nomination back in early 2016, he would know best for ending this issue. Young people win, citizens win, Trump wins. Win. Win. Win.


7) Increased incentives to stay fit:

Nothing gives a person greater reason to stay in shape like ravage scavengers fighting for what’s left of the USA’s resources! Since deporting over 50% of America’s agricultural workers there’s scarce amount of vegetation left, but this only encourages Americans to work harder to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Thus President Trump was the first president to end the plague of America’s obesity problem.


8) There are no jobs!

Remember when Americans had to deal with getting up at 8am on Mondays? Well thank god that’s over. Since President Trump has become our overlord, Americans no longer have to even worry about debt, or even wealth, because our entire country is a war-torn barren wasteland filled with racial tensions. Much like our ancestors made it when they first claimed America. We can all breathe a sigh of relief in knowing Trump has brought America back to how it all began.


9) The Walls have kept all illegal immigrants out:

Of course they’ve also kept everyone else out too, so America’s tourism has plummeted causing the economy to go with it. But now Americans will never have to worry about another illegal immigrant taking one of their jobs!



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