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Society Profile: Dalhousie NDP


After a quiet two years, Dalhousie’s NDP society is reviving its name.

Mahbubur Rahman is the head of Dalhousie Young New Democrats as well as Vice President (Finance and Operations) of the Dalhousie Student Union.

“I would say the Dal NDP was not quite active in the last two years. I mean, there were some members, but not a lot. This year we are working hard to revive the club,” says Rahman.

“We received a huge response at the Dalhousie society expo and Megan Leslie showed up so that was pretty exciting,” he adds.

About 50 students have signed up to the society so far, with several joining on the spot at the Dal Society Expo in Sepember.

Current Halifax Member of Parliament and NDP Deputy Leader and Environment Critic Megan Leslie made an appearance at the Expo to answer questions and talk to students on campus.

“I think students were very excited for Leslie’s attendance because she is very accessible and students can talk to her… people were dropping by our table and were generally really excited to talk to her and to ask her questions, and she was very welcoming and accepting to questions,” says Rahman.

As the country gears up for Election Day on Oct. 19, the timing has been well suited for the newly revived Dalhousie Young New Democrats.

“This is a good time, for the society as well: everyone is talking about the federal election so it is kind of a right time to put the NDP society on track and I think I am getting a lot of responses from students,” says Rahman.

The society also attended the All-Candidates Debate on student issues held at Dal on Sept. 28, and will be tabling in order to inform students about the society and provide them with all the necessary information about voting and the NDP’s platform.

If the NDP forms a government, the society will host a party to celebrate.

“We need a strong, good government that can replace Harper… most of the students and other supporters understand that Thomas Mulcair is the best candidate to replace Harper, so I think we are getting a good response. At this point, I think the ground is ready and if people get on board that’s when the change will happen,” says Rahman.

Mahbubur Rahman is a student member of the publishing board of the Dalhousie Gazette.


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