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Society Profile: Young Greens of Dalhousie


David Williams, president of the Young Greens of Dalhousie, says his society is not only focusing on the Green Party’s platform – they’re helping getting students out to vote.

“We understand the importance of getting students out there to vote so we are not only focusing on Green Party stuff, but also other things – like where to go if you haven’t yet registered, or when the advanced polls are,” says Williams.

“We are making that a part of what the Young Greens are doing.”

The society has about ten members who regularly come to meetings and events. They all share responsibilities such as setting up for events, talking to students, tabling, and campaigning for their party.

“We are planning to do some more tabling in the Student Union Building and we also want to have a viewing party as the election counting is happening,” says Williams.

When it comes to increasing their membership, the Young Greens are largely focused on increasing awareness of their presence.

“We are not really trying to recruit members into our group as much as we are just saying, ‘Hey, we are here, we are the Green Party and we actually have a voice on campus.’ We just want people to know that we are around,” says Williams.

As for the party’s platform, Williams says that much of the Green Party platform is directed towards youth. In their platform, the Green Party focuses on introducing free tuition for post-secondary students.

“I often hear the same thing in the last month and it has been pretty upsetting. A lot of people always comes up to me and say, ‘I want to vote for the Green Party but I can’t because I don’t want to waste my vote.’ It is so upsetting because if more people would be voting for the Green Party then you wouldn’t be wasting your vote,” says Williams.

“You are voting for what you want and if that party doesn’t come into power this election, period, then people will recognize that it does have people backing it up, and more people will vote for them in the next election,” he says.


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