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Cannabis on Campus

As cannabis legalization hangs over Canadians heads like a cloud of vaped weed, you may be wondering how accessing cannabis will play out, and how Dalhousie University will handle it.  

Where can you buy the good stuff? Where on campus can you partake of it? Would you be allowed to sell edibles at your bake sale?  

Look no further, the Gazette has everything you need to know.   

Let’s start with the basics. Are you not yet nineteen? Sorry bud – you can’t smoke that bud. Those not yet of age in possession will be fined like in possession of alcohol – which, in case you forgot, will set you back $467. 

Those 19 and older are allowed 30 grams of sweet, sweet ‘mary jane’ on their person.  

Nova Scotia is currently planning for nine existing NSLC stores to sell recreational cannabis; if you’re like most Nova Scotians and won’t be close to these nine locations, you can buy online.   

What to expect

On the NSLC website, it states “Those under the age of 19 are not permitted in the area of a store where cannabis is for sale.” So more than likely, there’ll be a separate area for buying weed. And it will probably run like your basic illegal dispensary runs now. Walk in and hand your government-sanctioned dealer your government-issued ID, ask them, “What would you recommend?” and listen to them rattle off all of the wildly-named buds with their various terpene concentrations and any wanted or unwanted effects of each strain.  

The only legal vendors of cannabis in the province is the nine NSLC stores, and the online vendor. All other dispensaries, like the current illegal ones, will continue to be illegal, as stated by the Nova Scotia Department of Justice.  

There’ll be two Halifax locations, the closest to Dalhousie being on Clyde Street. It’s a former NSLC that closed down last year. Unlike other NSLC’s, this one will exclusively sell cannabis. So if you’re looking for quantity and variety, this’ll be the store for you. The second Halifax location will be in the north end on Joseph Howe Drive. The only Dartmouth location will be on Portland Street. 

These locations will sell dried flower, pre-rolled joints, clones and seeds, oil extract, and basic accessories. The province will still rely on private stores to sell most paraphernalia, such as the designer bongs and pipes. NSLC won’t initially be selling edibles, but feel free to get your creative juices flowing in your own kitchen. The NSLC will not sell medical cannabis. 

Are the NSLC goods not up to your established taste? You can always grow plants in your household, up to four at one time.  

Landlords across the country are fighting for restrictions on consumption of cannabis in their rentals, so don’t get too excited and think you’ll be able to hotbox your bathroom.  

And you definitely won’t be hotboxing the dorm room. The most likely scenario is that wherever smoking tobacco is restricted, smoking weed will be too. Take a wander down to your local park to light up. 

“It’s too early for the university to comment on an approach on campus around the legalization of marijuana,” said Janet Bryson, senior communications officer for Dalhousie. “Certainly our decisions will be based on federal and provincial laws and would take into account any policies on campus that would have an impact, such as our no smoking policy.”  


What can you buy at an NSLC storefront? 

Dried Flower: Plant that has been cured and dried. Grind it in a grinder and roll into a joint, or pack it into a pipe. To use dried flower in edibles, they need to be decarboxylated, which is when ground flower is heated over time to release the psychoactive cannabinoids. This can be done in your oven or slow-cooker – please Google how to do this before you try it at home. 

Pre-rolled joints: What your parents might call a ‘marijuana cigarette.’ This is the easiest and most accessible way to smoke weed. The plant has been conveniently ground and rolled into a joint for you, saving you from the fiddly and time consuming act. No need for a pipe or vape pen; all you need is your bic lighter and you’re good to go. But stores typically include the convenience in the price of pre-rolls, so you’d save a few dollars by learning how to roll joints yourself. Look for tutorials on Youtube or ask your Cool Uncle for tips. 

Seeds and clones: Seeds to grow your own plants will be available. Also clones. Clones are cuttings from a plant that, with some TLC, will grow into a replica of the mother. Seeds are easier to grow, and come in larger quantities. Clones will have similar properties to the mother plant, so you can be sure of the quality, while seeds can go either way. If you’re not bothered by quality and just want to grow your own shrubbery, try growing your own if you aren’t a renter. 

Oils and extracts: There are various forms of concentrates, and just as many ways of consumption. Many prefer orally consumed oils over smoking the plant, because it’s easier on the lungs and produces a longer effect. Oils can be used topically, such as for joint pain, or even used in food. Concentrates can have a long and powerful effect, so begin with a small amount and work your way up.  

Accessories: The NSLC will sell basic paraphernalia, like pipes and rolling papers. In theory, a pipe and a lighter is all you need to blaze up, but you might want a grinder to turn the plant into a fine powder which would make it go further. Look to private stores for bongs and vape pens; a worker at a store should be able to walk you through what the accessories are and how they are used. 



According to Maclean’s, Dalhousie is ranked fourth in Canadian schools for marijuana use? 5% reported daily use, 50% reported overall.  


Study high, get high marks? 

Have you ever shown up to class stoned, listened to a lecture and later had difficulty recalling the same information in an exam? Think you would’ve performed better in the exam stoned, since you were stoned when you studied?  

Well, you could be on to something, because science has proven you correct. Subjects of a study performed well when they were in the same drug state in which they learned the material. They performed better than those who reproduced the material under placebo effect. However, those with the best results were those who studied and reproduced the material sober. Do what you want with this information.  

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