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REEFER (legislation) MADNESS!

In this image: a blurred out person holds a lit joint up.

Last fall 4.6 million Canadians celebrated in a blaze of glory as pot became legal. According to Statistics Canada’s 2018 National Cannabis Survey, that’s how many Canadians use cannabis.   In a very Canadian non-scandal, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – then just Member of Parliament Justin Trudeau – admitted to puff-puff-passing in 2010. At the time…

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Cannabis ad standards are hypocritical

A cannabis "Know the Facts" flyer.

Legalization is finally a reality. Despite this, it’s become apparent that alcohol is the golden child in the government’s eyes.   Ads portraying the glamour of liquor are plastered all over the city, flaunting the freedom of alcohol advertising with every glistening bottle of booze. The promise of a good time is insinuated in every ad,…

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Beginner’s guide from pot

A pile of cannabis.

For those who are well versed in being high, feel free to skip this article. For the dozen of you who waited until cannabis became legal before trying it, here are some helpful tips from a fellow newbie.    Munchies  Thanks to pop culture tropes, everyone is aware that the munchies are a thing; people who are stoners like to eat food. If movies are your only…

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Briefs of the week

Someone holding a lit joint.

Week of Oct. 15, 2018 UPDATE: Smoking ban Last week, Halifax Regional Municipality’s restrictions on smoking came into effect when just nine designated smoking areas had been established. That number has since jumped to more than 60, with the possibility of more on the way. There’s no cap on the number of designated smoking areas.…

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Smoking ban? Not a fan

Smoke is in the air.  But as the official legalization of recreational marijuana approaches, so is an all too convenient public smoking ban in the city of Halifax.  The proposed bylaw prohibits smoking on all municipal property, recreational areas, sidewalks and streets. Restrictions include vaping, tobacco and cannabis. A violation of the bylaw could result in a maximum $2000 fine,…

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Cannabis on Campus

As cannabis legalization hangs over Canadians heads like a cloud of vaped weed, you may be wondering how accessing cannabis will play out, and how Dalhousie University will handle it.   Where can you buy the good stuff? Where on campus can you partake of it? Would you be allowed to sell edibles at your bake…

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