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Dal Votes 2015, Candidate Profile: Sarah Dobson

Name: Sarah Dobson

Age: 19

Hometown: Halifax

Program: Political Science

Nominated for: Senate

Relevant experience: Positions on various student councils for 7 years (last year: residence council), currently working as a page at the Nova Scotia Legislature

Sarah Dobson
(Photo by Tahrim Alam, courtesy of the DSU)

Dalhousie Gazette: Why are you running for a Senate seat?

SD: A lot of people realize how important it is to have a strong student voice on the Senate, especially this past year, because they deal with stuff that’s so relevant to everyone at Dal. Having a voice that’s strong and that represents the student body is really important, and I think people really want that.

DG: What role do you see Senate having in the upcoming year?

SD: What I would like for the Senate to start doing in the upcoming year is to take on a really investigative role and to seek out the opinions from people of different faculties and implement what they say into policy. I think it’s important for the students on Senate to do the research part of it too. Not to show up and sit idly by, but to actively seek what other people want for their programs and want for Dalhousie.

DG: What policy experience do you have?

SD: Working at the Legislature and holding past positions on a wide range of student councils.


DG: What committees would you hope to serve on if elected, and why?

SD: I would like to be on the Discipline Committee, because I think I have the dedication to look at each case individually and not just rubber stamp every person who commits a certain offence with the same punishment. I would also like to be on the Academic Program and Research Committee. If I establish dialogue with different faculties and have them bring their issues to me, then that would be the place where I could bring up what I’m hearing for each particular faculty.

This interview has been edited for clarity and brevity. 


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