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DSU disabled student’s representative candidate Meredith Brison-Brown  

The Dalhousie Gazette: Why are you the right candidate for this role? 

Meredith Brison-Brown: I’m running because I would like to be able to get feedback from the disabled student community and then put that feedback into action on campus. I am a disabled student myself who has lived experience with navigating this university. 

What are some key points in your campaign? 

There is a slogan that is used widely by the disabled community ‘Nothing about us without us,’ this is extremely important. Intersectionality—I know this is a buzzword but it is important to center perspectives we don’t hear as often of within the already marginalized disabled community. I recognize that my experience with disability does not necessarily represent all disabled people at Dal. It’s really important to me to connect with disabled students and get feedback for the DSU, either over email or online or in person. Costs of living are already higher for disabled students, so raises in tuition are also of concern to me. 

How do you like to connect with the Dalhousie community? 

I have really enjoyed having “tabling” events with the societies I am a part of where students will come up and have really great discussions about their experiences. Also being part of Disabled Students Societies helps to connect me with other students that have some of the same experiences, and then helps to open me up to their experiences that I maybe hadn’t thought about before. Being a disabled student can sometimes be alienating and we struggle with feeling meaningfully included. 


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