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DSU women’s student representative candidate Emelia Cordova

The Dalhousie Gazette: Why are you the right candidate for this role? 

Emelia Cordova: I’ve seen no recognition for women’s work, in general. There are different awards for athletes and academics, but there’s nothing that highlights only women. I am currently the women’s rep, so I am working with the current DSU President on putting together women, nonbinary and trans leadership week. I am currently working on that. 

What are some key points in your campaign? 

I want to focus on the recognition of work. I want to focus also on security. I’ve heard stories from women going to clubs or bars, and then they’re so scared to come back home. So I want to do something about this, collaborating with other universities on free driving programs from downtown to campus. I’d also like to create opportunities for defense skills, women’s self-defense courses, queer self-defense courses, things like this. 

How do you like to connect with the Dalhousie community? 

I like participating in societies. I am currently the vice president of the Latino and Hispanic STEM Society. I’m also the clothing representative of the medical sciences society. I also enjoy volunteering. I used to volunteer in the COVID-19 testing center at Dal.  


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