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DSU President Candidate: Kati George-Jim

Editor’ Note: This interview has been edited and formatted for style and clarity

Name: Kati George-Jim

Program, and year: BA Political Science and Sustainability 4th year.  


Why are you running? What made you decide to run?

This year at Dalhousie has been pretty uncomfortable to say the least. I think that our students and community members are capable and interested to have difficult conversations, and work through problems as a community.

There are clear issues that the union needs to address, but then there are also very unclear and messy issues that the union needs to address. In my experience, creating an atmosphere where folks can feel free to express themselves while still maintaining a high standard of respect for everyone is a necessity. This type of environment has not been created on campus, and I believe this lack of space is polarizing our campus and students. This is one of the most important reasons why I am running this year.

I believe it is through my lived experiences at Dalhousie and in outside communities, along with learning from other students’ lived experiences, that I feel equipped to run.


What are your goals if elected?

Overall goal: ultimately, I would be able to address some of the unclear and messy issues in the DSU. This requires a critical review of the units in union, for instance. The Union should be looking for proactive ways to support students, including addressing inconsistent policies and bylaws.

The union also should be developing and establishing a base structure for approaching difficult conversations on campus, for instance, working with societies and offices within the union to provide workshops, training, and other applicable forums. This entire process requires participatory action with the entire Membership (students), and would have constant engagement opportunities. This goal would strengthen our governance, and ensure best practices are being pursued.

Examples of short term: making the SUB a hub space for students, and have rotating services/office hours to the campuses across Dal. These examples are easy to implement, and also are community oriented!


What is something interesting the student body might be interested to know about you?

I have a new found love for darts. Super random but I just can’t get enough of it. I play next door with my partner and his family, and honestly it is great for stress-relief. It has been said that my throw is deadly. If you have a dart board, definitely hit me up.


What are the responsibilities of the President?

The president goes to upwards of 15 meetings a day, with students, community members, political leaders, administrators, faculty, staff, or other executives. The President is the team leader for the exec and the DSU. The President is one of three signing authorities for the Union. The President sits on the highest governing bodies – Senate and BOG.  The President is responsible for the DSU Bylaws and Policy Review Committee.

Other than meetings, the President ensures that the DSU/SUB is running, and that representation is happening at all levels of governance.



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