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DSU President Candidate: Isaac Greenberg

Name: Isaac Greenberg

Major, Year: Fourth year, Economics and Sustainability


What position are you running for, and what responsibilites correspond with it?

I am in the running to be president, which represents the student body’s interests. I would also have to stay up-to-date with policy changes at the federal, provincial, and University level and help make policy recommendations.

You can find the whole list of responsibilities in section 5.4 of the Bylaws (the guiding policies of the DSU), which are on the DSU website.

From the DSU Bylaws (approved April 2016):

“The President shall:

  1. Enforce the due observance of the Act, the Bylaws, and Policies;
  2. Act as the official spokesperson for the Union;
  3. Act as chair of all meetings of the Executive Officers;
  4. Act as a signing officer of the Union;
  5. Sit ex­officio as a representative of the Union on the Board of Governors;
  6. Sit ex­officio as a representative of the Union on the Senate;
  7. Sit ex­officio as a representative of the Union on the Executive Committee of the Board
  8. of Governors;
  9. Sit on other University committees as approved by the Executive Officers;
  10. Have the right to attend and speak at all Union committee meetings with the exception of
  11. the Executive Review Committee and Elections Committee;
  12. Represent the Union at meetings of organizations of which the Union is a member;
  13. Review federal, provincial, municipal and University policies that impact the academic,
  14. financial, and social interests of the membership, and recommend appropriate action to
  15. Council;
  16. Ensure that the Vice­Presidents carry out their assigned duties in accordance with these
  17. Bylaws, Policy, and as directed by Council;
  18. Attend all meetings of the Council and the Executive Officers and any Committees of
  19. which they are a member;
  20. Submit a written report at each meeting of Council;
  21. Create a written report at the end of their term to the incoming President;
  22. Train and advise the incoming President; and
  23. Perform other duties as outlined in the Bylaws and Policy or that Council may from time
  24. to time determine.”


What attracted you to the presidential position specifically? 

I am so interested in the position because I will be providing direction to the DSU and making sure student feedback is at the forefront of our decision-making.


Why are you running in this election?    

I was inspired to run for president when I tried to find out where the millions of dollars in student fees goes each year, but found there was limited transparency. As I dug deeper into how the DSU works, I realized there were numerous accountability and transparency issues surrounding money and decision-making. As president I will make sure the DSU and the administration are providing the services that Dalhousie students want,


What are your goals if you are elected?

Many students do not feel their needs are met by the current services provided by the DSU and Dalhousie University. My main goal is to make sure student needs are fulfilled, so the DSU needs to find out what students want. The DSU must start an annual survey of students to effectively and efficiently represent students, blackboards and text messages will not suffice. Data and consultation is the foundation of accountable decision-making.

The process for the census will start with consulting students in order to ask the right questions of students. Then creating a series of surveys about policy, financial management, and services that represent students. The information gathered will then be used to consult societies on their operations, and to advocate with students at the administrative level.


What is something interesting about you?

First and foremost I want to highlight my commitment to hear what Dalhousie students want from their union. I will say that equity is the lens that I see through, and I am committed to making policies equitable.  



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