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DSU VP Internal Candidate: Mitchell Mulhall

Editor’ Note: This interview has been edited and formatted for style and clarity.


Name: Mitch Mulhall

Major, Year: Third year, BSc Biochemistry/Molecular Biology


What position are you running for, and what responsibilities correspond with it?

In the upcoming student union election, I am running for the Vice President Internal position.  The VPI position plays an important role as the liaison between all of the societies on campus and the student union. They are responsible for supporting societies and helping in the ratification process.  The VPI also chairs the Grants and Sponsorship committee which helps students access more services and leadership opportunities.


Why are you running in this election?

I decided to run in this election because I am passionate and dedicated to the students within the Dalhousie community. I feel that I can step up and will be able to engage with and support the wants and needs of students.  I am running for VPI because I think that Dal has a lot of very unique societies on campus and I would love to be more involved with these societies and help students get more out of their areas of interest.


What are your goals if you are elected?

My goals are to make the resources that the student union has to offer, more accessible and readily available. I feel that the DSU has many resources that students do not know about.  I also want to engage more with students to be able to support them and their societies. I think we need more feedback from the societies so that we can better support their efforts.  


What is something interesting about you?

I am a student on campus just like yourself that is involved with many student groups and organizations. I really want to be able to take this grassroots approach to the position and support students where they need it, without over complicating things.  I am committed to my peers and supporting their wants and interests on campus.


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