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DSU VPFO candidate Henry Amin 

The Dalhousie Gazette: What makes you the right person for the role of VPFO?

I’m a third-year economics student. And in economics, we learn about monetary policy, price controls, supply and demand, unemployment and inflation. We basically understand individual markets. We also understand the aggregate economy, we understand government policies. So, I take all these skills and predict how to manage and how to help organizations succeed. My goal in the DSU would be to work with other DSU executives to move the organization forward and achieve all outcomes that will satisfy the community that we’re representing. 

What are some key points in your campaign? 

As we all know, when organizations draft and create their budgets, they focus on the priorities first. And my priority would be the student. 

If I get elected, I’d find financial solutions to support students, including increasing student jobs at the union. We need to create more part-time jobs and hire more students, especially those that need it the most. And we have to prioritize food security by providing crucial support for the Food Bank and the DSU farmer’s market. We also have to prioritize the amount of funding and accessibility for bursary programs, especially the emergency bursaries, like emergency housing bursary. I personally know students that have had to choose between paying rent and paying for books, which is something that no student has to go through. 

How do you like to connect with the Dalhousie community? 

My favorite thing is the Dalplex. I love to work out there, I love to go swimming. I used to go to the sauna, but because of the pandemic, it’s been closed. So now I connect with people at events on campus and online and I love to just walk around and meet people. 


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