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DSU VPFO candidate Mohab Brisha 

The Dalhousie Gazette: Why are you the right candidate for this role? 

I feel like I have used my time in office well, to identify a lot of shortcomings that face the DSU today and the student body today as well. So I feel like since I’ve already invested a lot of time into identifying these shortcomings, I have the right abilities to hopefully improve the overall situation. 

What are some key points in your campaign? 

A very important aspect that I would really hope to work on is more representation on the board of governors. I believe I am, at this point, somewhat familiar with how it works and how we can potentially make real change with regard to board representation.  

I’d also really like to streamline efficiency when it comes to things like levying societies or funding bursaries. There’s a lot of inefficiencies and bureaucracy, which is not really someone’s fault, it’s the result of not really stopping and creating a system to deal with it, a system that is built with efficiency in mind. So, and all these things, they reflect in people’s impression that the DSU doesn’t work very hard or is too slow or doesn’t represent people. With more efficiency, we could deal with this. 

How do you like to connect with the Dalhousie community? 

It’s been tough with COVID-19 because I just love being in person. Whether that’s on the football field, in class, in the gym. I’m usually on campus all the time. 


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