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Florizone’s five-year plan


October – The installation of Dalhousie University’s 11th president, Richard Florizone.  


September – Dalhousie implements changes to the structure of its senior administration. “A fully implemented ‘provost model,’ as we’ve called this, recognizes that our top priority as a university is teaching and research,” Florizone is quoted in Dal News. 

December – Misogynistic posts from the “Class of DDS 2015 Gentlemen” Facebook posts are made public, catalyzing what will henceforth be known as the “Dal Dentistry Scandal.”  

Florizone later declares that a “restorative justice” process is underway. 


March – The controversy around “The Dal Jungle” Instagram page (which the university says was dealt with in the fall of 2014) goes public thanks to the Chronicle Herald’s reporting 

The account documented the drunk escapades of students, but some photos were sexually explicit and posted without permission. Dal representatives said the matter was investigated after it was brought to the attention of a resident assistant. Multiple students were kicked out of residence as a result and the account was deactivated. 

May – Dalhousie Dentistry students complete the restorative justice process. 

December – Dal’s Collaborative Health Education Building officially opens.  

“Nova Scotia is leading the way in interprofessional health education and leading the way into that transformation to a more collaborative family and patient-centred care,” Florizone said at the opening. 


March – Dal announces a scholarly panel will research Lord Dalhousie’s views on race and slavery. Florizone previously met with members of the Dalhousie Black Faculty Caucus to discuss the outline of the panel, which is planned be followed by a public consultation after the initial findings are released. 

“We felt the best way to address George Ramsay’s legacy is by going back to our values and our mission, and to tackle this in the way we tackle so many problems at our institution: through good scholarly work and community engagement,” Florizone is quoted in Dal News. 


October – Students party a little too hard off-campus during Homecoming, resulting in the arrests of 22 people. Florizone speaks out against the behaviour via Twitter: “This kind of behaviour is not reflective of our values and disrespectful to our neighbours. Most importantly, it is unsafe.” 


February– Dalhousie kicks off its 200th anniversary year. 

March – Florizone announces the On Track Microbursary program to help students in “urgent financial need.” Florizone and his wife, Mona Holmund, pledge to match donations up to $50,000. 

June – Florizone announces his plans to step down as Dal’s president to take a job as leader of a research lab in Waterloo, Ontario.  

“It kind of takes me back to my roots as a physicist, and so I’m excited about it,” Florizone says during his annual Year-In-Review presentation. “But I want to say it’s also very bittersweet. I’m so proud of all the things we’ve done together as a community, and today it’s so timely because I get to talk about some of those things.” 


Early 2019 – Dal says goodbye to Richard Florizone. 


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