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New Hazing policy implemented

Dalhousie attempts to make students feel welcome

New students hear warnings of hazing and initiation before they even arrive for orientation week, but Dalhousie is trying to prevent just that. The university implemented its new hazing policy on June 9.

Hazing is an activity that must be completed by a prospective new member of an organization or group, and is usually humiliating or degrading. Stories about hazing are common among frat houses and sororities or sports teams.

“I wasn’t sure if I wanted to try out for the soccer team,” says first-year student Brittany Hartson.

After Hartson discovered Dal had policies against hazing, she felt better. “I think it’s an issue for teams and needs to be prevented – it’s scary.”

When a hazing allegation is received, a full investigation will be carried out within 10 days by Dal’s Hazing Committee.

The committee is comprised of three investigators: the executive director of student life, the manager of student conflict resolution, and a legal counsel representative.

The policy states, “to help ensure the best possible student experience, university community members share the responsibility for welcoming and orienting new members of the university community in a positive way.”

Hartson is glad something is being done about it. “I don’t think new students should have to worry about hazing, first year is hard enough,” she says.

After the investigation is completed, a reprimand for hazing could include anything from community service to removal from a group to financial restitution to the victim.

A full copy of Dal’s new hazing policies can be found on the university website.


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