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St. Andrew’s steps up

Occupy moves to church for the night


United Church ministers show their support earlier this afternoon.

Occupy NS protesters found refuge at St. Andrew’s Church for the night of Nov. 11, where volunteers organized food, warm drinks and a place to gather for the throngs of displaced occupiers.

Those whose tents had been their home were also allowed to sleep in the church’s meeting hall for the night.

Tami Spires is a fourth-year student at the Atlantic School of Theology. She was one of the two people who volunteered to help out in the kitchen.

She says she learned of the eviction and ensuing protest in an email from the Halifax Presbytery. “As soon as I saw that email I looked outside, and I thought, I can’t imagine too many people from the church coming out–better go.”

The church set out tea and coffee for the protesters, who arrived from Victoria Park around 6:45 Friday night. Baked potatoes had been donated, with leftover lentil stew on offer too.

Ironically, minister Russ Daye had already been planning this Sunday’s service to be oriented around the Occupy movement: “Not Just Wall St., Every Street” reads the sign outside the church.

Spires says she can identify with both the protesters and those who want them out.

She wishes the decision hadn’t come up on Nov. 11, though. “I think if they could’ve waited one more day, waited for the rain to clear up, I think postponing it would’ve been in their best interest,” she says. “These people just want to be heard.”

Torey Ellis
Torey Ellis
Torey was the Copy Editor of the Gazette for Volume 145 and Assistant News Editor for Volume 144.

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