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NFL anthem protest timeline

Colin Kaepernick hasn’t played a football game in two years, but he maybe the most well-known football player. His protest of kneeling during the American national anthem at the beginning of games to protest oppression of Black people and people of colour.   In an interview with he said, “To me, this is bigger than…

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The success and failure of student protest 

Protests in history haven’t always been peaceful nor always effective. This is proven true by the countless movements and protests of modern North America that have ended with arrests and often brutality. Over hundreds of years, hundreds of simple marches ending with the exact same result, with punishments far worse than they are today.  Even Dalhousie University’s own history…

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Student democracy inaction

It’s excusable to have missed the Dalhousie Student Union’s Canada day boycott, because they did too. They had every intention of boycotting but the motion was not introduced with adequate notice, and was struck down on a procedural review. So the resolution didn’t pass until mid-July. While some may find it in their hearts to excuse that lapse in effective governance, it seems strange to me, to forgive an organization for failing…

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Women’s March on Halifax

What began as a grassroots project, transformed into an international movement, and reached the Canadian eastern shore on Saturday. Known as the Women’s March on Washington, Canadians from all over the country joined their American counterparts in protest. Haligonians and Maritimers alike protested in front of Halifax City Hall to show solidarity to stand up…

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DSU cancels bus trip to Elsipogtog protest

Last weekend, several Dalhousie students travelled to Rexton, NB in solidarity with members of the Elsipogtog First Nation to protest shale gas exploration. The Dalhousie Student Union (DSU) had originally organized a bus to transport students to meet members of the Elsipogtog First Nations Community, but violence between police and protesters on Thursday, Oct. 17…

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Protesting the protest

Dozens of people descended on Cornwallis Park in support of Gaza. (Bryn Karcha photo)

The recent anti-war rally outside the Halifax International Security Forum on Nov. 17 devolved into a disturbing display contesting Israel’s defensive operations in Gaza. Individuals participating in the protest wielded signs with the offensive and misleading equation of Israel with Nazi Germany. One protester defaced an Israeli flag with a swastika, the symbol of the…

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Occupy: six months later

Spring is here, and so is the end of the school year (and Mayor Kelly’s mayoral career), but one thing appears to be missing: Occupy Nova Scotia. Where is the movement that was so strong last fall? Occupy Nova Scotia participants have been meeting on a weekly basis to make sure the movement does not…

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Dexter at Student Day of Action

The second annual Student Day of Action on Feb. 1 brought together more than a thousand students to march under one common goal. But according to Gabe Hoogers, national executive representative of the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) Nova Scotia, Premier Darrell Dexter was seen marching away from the crowd. “At one point, someone taking…

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Fear of an apathetic planet

For their final issue of 2011, TIME magazine named “the Protestor” as Person of the Year. (Don’t worry, Kate Middleton was a close fifth.) Given the numerous riots, rallies and ousting of dictators, it seemed like a fitting choice. Tunisian liberator, London rioter, Occupier—they were all featured side-by-side, the meaning of their existence reflected upon…

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