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Halifax lawyers to challenge Occupy’s eviction

Legal community investigates grounds for Occupy NS eviction   Following the eviction of Occupy Nova Scotia protestors on Nov. 11 from Victoria Park, the Halifax legal community is in the process of gathering evidence toward a constitutional challenge of city council’s decision. Working with the Occupy Nova Scotia legal working group, Dal Legal Aid Services…

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Dal student pepper-sprayed during NYC Occupy arrests

Student stayed in New York Aaron Beale thought the Occupy Wall Street movement was a phenomenon worth seeing. So when he heard about a bus of Dalhousie students heading to New York City, he hopped on board. A few days later, when the others were preparing to go home, Beale decided he wasn’t ready. “The…

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Occupy NS: Weekend in review

From the eviction to the rallies “Happy fucking Remembrance Day.” Victoria Park echoed Nov. 11 with the shouts of the Occupy NS protestors, who had learned at noon the city would be enforcing a no-camping bylaw. The eviction notice was signed by acting CAO Mike Labrecque. Mayor Peter Kelly has said council made the eviction…

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St. Andrew’s steps up

Occupy moves to church for the night   Occupy NS protesters found refuge at St. Andrew’s Church for the night of Nov. 11, where volunteers organized food, warm drinks and a place to gather for the throngs of displaced occupiers. Those whose tents had been their home were also allowed to sleep in the church’s…

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Occupy Wall Street threatened by freeloaders?

Phil Boydelatour washing supper dishes at Zuccotti Park Oct. 11. Photo by Katrina Pyne.

Short-term protesters in New York learn to lend a hand Whizzing furiously through piles of dishes wasn’t exactly what Phil Boydelatour had in mind when he decided to skip out on his school vacation to come to Occupy Wall Street. But, if it keeps him in the good books with long-term protesters, he’s more than…

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#FF: Occupy Nova Scotia on Twitter

It’s been an interesting Remembrance Day – a lovely ceremony and an eviction notice for Occupy Nova Scotia. Gazette assistant news editor Torey Ellis is on her way now to give us a full report on what’s going on, but for now your best bet for breaking news is on Twitter. Below are a few of…

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This is what democracy looks like

Cameron Roberts, Opinions Contributor Krum Dochev’s article last week, “You dirty activist sympathizers,” characterized G20 protesters and their goals as anti-democratic and illegitimate. With all the corporate media coverage of black-clad thugs destroying businesses, it’s easy to assume that G20 protesters were all as naïve as Krum supposes. When I attended the Environment March on…

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In defence of offense

Is this offensive? Sometimes, we grate each other’s sensibilities for a reason Katie Toth, Opinions Editor   Many of us are told, day in and day out, that offending people is bad. At the same time, many people who describe themselves as hurt or offended—by hate speech, rape culture, or homophobia—are told to quiet their identity…

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DSU President unsure Day of Action will bring big change

Chris Saulnier hopes the protest will at least open communication between government and students Nicole Feriancek, News Contributor   With the Student Day of Action approaching, Dalhousie Student Union (DSU) President Chris Saulnier is unsure the march will make the government rethink their policies. In reaction to a lack of communication with the provincial government,…

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