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DSU VP Academic and External Candidate: Andrew Hall

Editor’ Note: This interview has been edited and formatted for style and clarity


Name: Andrew Hall

Program and Year: 3rd-year Philosophy.


Why are you running? What made you decide to run?

I wanted to see more done than was currently being done. I saw an opportunity to apply my skills and help negotiate, collaborate, and compromise to create a fair deal for not only our students with our school but with our community and government as well. I kept having the same discussion with friends about what we need and the way it could be done and finally just decided I might as well be the one to do what we thought needed to be done.


What are your goals if elected?

  1. I want the DSU to have a better relationship with the student body and with Dalhousie university administrators
  2. I want to increase our engagement with the local community through partnerships and other initiatives
  3. I want to ensure students are getting the tools they need to succeed not only for while in school but for after as well.


What is something interesting about you that the student body might be interested to know?

I have worked in both environmental and mining, and I have studied multiple programs at a number of universities over the past eight years.


What are the responsibilities of the Vice President Academic and External?  

The main responsibility is the advocacy and outreach on behalf of the students to the school and to the government to enact the change we want to see.


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