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DSU VP Academic and External Candidate: Ahmed Abdulhussain

Editor’ Note: This interview has been edited and formatted for style and clarity

Name: Ahmed Abdulhussain

Program and year: I am currently in my third year of my Bachelor of Management Program.

Why are you running? What made you decide to run?

The incentive behind my decision to run is that I wanted to raise awareness about the DSU executive elections and their impact on Dalhousie campus. The position of VPAE has the ability this to create positive change and address social and academic issues in our community. I wanted to be a contributing member of Dalhousie community, and what better way to give back to my community than to tackle student social and academic concerns to create a more safe environment for everyone.

What are your goals if elected?

If I am elected, I want students to get more involved with the DSU executive decisions by making sure their opinions and thoughts are expressed. Moreover, I would like to be present and approachable by all parts of our community to limit communication barriers. I would like to work on raising awareness about social issues that are hindering the safety of Dalhousie environment such as oppressive behavior and acts on minority groups.

Moreover, I would be interested in getting more input from students about how they perceive curriculum syllabi. With a more diversified student body, and increased number of international students.

What is something interesting about you that the student body might be interested to know about you?

I was born in Austria, Vienna, raised in Dubai, U.A.E, originally from Iraq and a proud Canadian citizen. I speak two languages: Arabic and English, where Arabic is my first language. My diverse ethnic background enforced my belief in adopting a global mindset and how each individual is not only represented by their ethnicity but the environment they live in.

What are the responsibilities of the Vice President Academic and External?

The Vice President Academic and External is responsible for two portfolios: Academic & External Affairs.

The responsibilities go beyond what is listed in the bylaws on the dsu website. From my perspective, the position requires the ability to listen, get feedback and input from students and implement strategies that would support student concerns and combat social and academic issues. All through a proactive approach to eliminate problems before they arise. Social issues hinder the safety of the Dalhousie environment and that is why it is important to protect the student body and stand against oppressive and discriminatory acts & behavior by means of campaigning and embracing empathy.

As for the Academic portfolio, adhering to student code of conduct and academic policies is fundamentally important to nurture students with high ethical standards and moral rectitude.


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