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DSU VP Internal Candidate: Annie Laura Shannon-Dwyer

Editor’ Note: This interview has been edited and formatted for style and clarity


Name: Annie Laura Shannon-Dwyer

Program and year: I am currently in my fourth year of my Hons BSc in Recreation Therapy


Why are you running? What made you decide to run?

Dalhousie is our community. In my second year at Dal I felt like I didn’t belong. I changed programs and returned in the fall to kick off my third year – a semester I was using to gauge if Dal was the university I still wanted to be a part of. I scored a job at the university that introduced me to administrative and union resources. I have had the opportunity to meet many of you through this avenue, giving me insights on ways we can make Dal a community that aligns better with our expectations. This year Dal is 200 years old- there is a wealth of knowledge and experiences that add depth to Dal.

I chose to run as VPI for the DSU because I see that students are inspired and have great ideas. I want to help get process out of the way of your ideas. I want to make the resources that you need known and available so your ideas can turn into action.


What are your goals if elected?

Show up, pay attention, and be open to the outcomes. I am not here to control, nor is the union. We are here, each one of us to contribute to our Dalhousie community. Our student union is here to support us in what we need.

I will show up. I do show up.

I want to work with societies and the Dal student body at large to get what we want to see, feel, and hear, done. Working with you, we will increase the access to resources, facilitate campus connections, and provide space for our ideas to turn into action.  


What is something interesting that the student body might be interested to know about you?

I write a blog for a local organization called kind krafts!


What are the responsibilities of the Vice President Internal?

As VPI, I would work closely with societies and serve as the primary liaison for communication between the DSU and the Dalhousie student body at large.

I am responsible for being transparent, accountable, and resourceful. I will show up for and help societies apply to bursaries and grants, with the hopes of providing societies with the funding to set aside to help its members’ ideas take off! By showing up and maintaining an open-door, I will be responsible for communicating updates and information from the DSU to all of you.

It is important for all of us to know what our union is doing for us. This conversation is not one way. I will be responsible for hearing what you have to say as well and taking that message to the DSU executive team, staff, and committees.



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