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Dal should consider divestment vote’s impact on alumni

As a Dalhousie alumni, I am very proud of my school. I feel like the atmosphere and culture allows students to cut their teeth across many different interests and activities.

The decision of the Dalhousie Board of Governors to reject divestment is not the school I know. I know a school that actively invests in greening their own operations. A school that secured funding for Atlantic Canada’s first protected Bike Lane.

During the deliberations a Board of Governors member cited the need to make the most money possible from their investments as one of the reasons for the decision. On the contrary, Dalhousie should be looking at its decisions, not in a vacuum, but how they affect the entire institution. These types of decisions affect enrolment and retention.

If students don’t feel listened to after months of organizing they may just walk with their feet. While this won’t affect the university’s investments, it will definitely affect the retention rates and Alumni donations. As it stands right now, this alumni won’t be donating to Dal.


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