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Letter from the editor

Originally published in Volume 150 Issue 4 of the Dalhousie Gazette on Oct. 20, 2017.

The Gazette is the place on campus for students to have their voices heard, to keep those who represent us, and whom are employed with our tuition dollars, accountable.
In this issue you’ll find hot takes on the fear of pranks, getting spooked by Halifax’s history and why you should be afraid of Halloween costume appropriation.
One fear you won’t find, is the Gazette being afraid topublish the controversial article now and again.
During the production of this issue, the Gazette received a misinformed and racist rant, in the form of an op-ed submission. Believing in the idea of being platform for all voices on campus to be heard, we initially accepted the piece, and that our Opinions editor would like to write a piece analyzing why it’s racist and misinformed.
Ultimately, we remembered we are a platform for all voices to be heard, and to engage students and staff on campus – sometimes even with the broader community of Halifax – not a platform for bigoted and hateful ideas that target already hypervisible communities at Dal active in fighting to create a more inclusive and open campus.
The Gazette works for you. For the underrepresented on campus. For the unseen societies, those dedicated to bettering student life and opportunities.
We publish your ideas and help you form your opinions into tangible arguments – even if we don’t like it, even if we drag our toes to do it.
We publish different perspectives to bring different views to the table so we can make informed decisions and actions both on and off campus.
Don’t be afraid to share these differences and perspectives with your Dal community.
But we don’t publish hate. The Gazette refuses to give a voice to hate.


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