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Letters (Nov 22)

gazette news logoMis-gendered mistake offensive

(Re: Rally against transphobia inspired by Dal student’s complaints, Nov. 15)

Dear editor:

After reading the article regarding the rally against transphobia, I was enraged to see you published information that was not only inaccurate, but hurtful and offensive. Tip: do not take the liberty to choose anybody’s gender when reporting a rally which denounces transphobia on campus. Jude asked reporters to note the genders of those in the article, a request that should have been unnecessary. It is the entitlement and ignorance of this mistake that perpetuates transphobia at Dal and across other university campuses. I never want to see anybody mis-gendered in the Gazette again.


Holly Lobsinger


 Tiger ties run deep

(Re: A family affair, Oct. 4)

Dear editor:

I read with interest the article you wrote on our daughters, Madeleine and Paige Crowell, who are both training with varsity teams at Dalhousie. One thing they may not have mentioned was that both of their parents are Dal graduates. I graduated from physiotherapy in 1989 and my husband, Tom Crowell, also graduated in physiotherapy in 1987. In addition, my father, Tom Rogers, graduated from King’s in the ’40s. We have all been very proud to be a part of Dalhousie.
Thank you for this article.

Edith Rogers


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