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Letters to the Editor: Racist graffiti must go

Drawing the line between a bad joke and hate speech (Photo by Chris Parent)
(Photo by Chris Parent)

Take action against hate

(Re: Graffiti litters Killam Library: Harmless or Hateful? Nov. 22)

Dear editor:

Hillel Halifax, the Jewish student group on campus, was saddened to hear of the hate-motivated graffiti recently found in the Killam Library.

Racist and anti-Semitic graffiti have no place on campus. Such slogans are an affront to the values of freedom, liberalism and equality that Canadians of all backgrounds hold dear.

We condemn this illustration of hatred and intolerance, and we stand in solidarity with members of the student community also targeted by this graffiti. We urge the university administration to quickly remove the racist graffiti, and to put into place mechanisms for preventative monitoring as well as reporting.



Jesse Zelunka

President, Hillel Halifax

Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences, ‘14


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