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My degree may be useless

It may be exam season, but I'm already looking forward to September. (Photo by Deborah Oomen)
It may be exam season, but I’m already looking forward to September. (Photo by Deborah Oomen)

As we’re closing in on this academic year, you’ve probably started to think about next year, and whether you’re returning or not.  As a second year Dal student, I’m already looking forward to coming back for another great year at Dalhousie/King’s.

So why I am coming back for September?  Because I love it here—I love the atmosphere of Halifax and Dal, the awesome courses and profs and the great community.

I love that the ocean is only a 10 to 15 minute walk from Dal. I enjoy talking a stroll down Spring Garden Road to buy a coffee from Starbucks, or just to relax. I love that I can walk or bus to the Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market to buy fresh fruit.

Enough of all the reasons to love Halifax—let’s see why I want to continue my education at Dal, and not at another university.

Well…if I want to continue on with sociology and journalism, I’m at the right place. Here, I receive the best of both worlds.

Dal has a great sociology program, the profs have taught me so much and I can’t wait for another year of gathering experiences. The University of King’s College has a great journalism program, which I hope to enter next year.

So, I ask the question again…why am I staying?  Well…why wouldn’t I stay?


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