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The students among us

When they realize Dal isn’t the center of the world, students get out into Halifax. (Photo: Adele van Wyk)

Whether in the spirit of a sporting event, the hype of Orientation Week or the dedication of fundraisers, it is clear that Dalhousie students are proud to show their stripes. As campus buzzes with the excitement of a new year, freshmen are welcomed—lanyards, campus maps and all—into the Dal community. Each student’s diverse contribution to campus allows Dal advertisers to claim our validity as more than just a place to study.

Fitting into the campus community seems as simple as breathing. Societies and clubs offer a place for everyone. But what about finding a niche in the *Halifax* community? What do Dal students contribute to the Halifax public?

Beyond the financial support we provide for the Halifax bar scene, Dal students add a definite youth to the city. The average age of the Halifax resident seems to be about 25. Time and time again, it has been referred to as a “university town.”

During my first year I thought the main streets in the city were Coburg, Lemarchant and University. In first year, it can seem intimidating to get involved in a community where your ideas aren’t immediately accepted and congratulated. Students tend to stay within the comfort of the one kilometre radius, moving between classes, residence and of course, the Grawood. It takes a while for us to realize that Dal isn’t the center of the universe. But hey, can you blame us?

As students we contribute a large population demographic to Halifax, and that is part of the city’s appeal. Without the youth, I doubt the city would have the same creativity and jubilance that it does today. Halifax has an extremely diverse culture, a unique roster that can’t be found anywhere else. We contribute a vibrant difference to the music, art, food and customs of the city.

Students leave their effects on the city, and it leaves it mark on us—generally converting those from away to a friendly maritime attitude by their graduating day.



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