Fieldhouse gets new floor

Changes are coming to the Dalplex fieldhouse, but how major still undecided

New flooring for the Dalplex fieldhouse prompts consideration for a new court layout.

“With the new fitness centre set to open this spring, it presented an opportunity for us to make some upgrades to our existing Dalplex which is approaching 40 years in age,” says Tim Maloney, executive director of athletics and recreation at Dalhousie. “And with the weight room coming out of the fieldhouse, it offers us an opportunity to think about how we can occupy that space to better serve our students and faculty.”

The flooring of the Dalplex hasn’t been rebuilt since its initial installment in 1978. According to Kathie Wheadon, director of facility and business services for athletics and recreation, the flooring has become a safety hazard.

“It’s so old that it is not a good playing surface underneath the hard wood floors. It is quite chewed up,” says Wheadon. “It has been on the Dalhousie maintenance renewal list for a number of years.”

Once the flooring is rebuilt the surface underneath will increase safety and be more forgiving on the body.

According their tender request, the estimation cost for the new flooring is $820,000.

Due to exams and summer camps their goal is to begin the construction on May 11 and finish on July 14. According to the potential vendors Wheadon and Maloney have spoken to, the project will take approximately 10-12 weeks to complete.

They have yet to select a construction company to begin the project; once a company has been selected, Wheadon and Maloney will discuss the possibility of moving the court in the Dalplex.

Photo by Chris Stoodley.

“The court may shift toward the centre of the Dalplex, which may give us a different look,” says Maloney.

Wheadon said that the shift would be most beneficial for volleyball because the previous location of the court is under the slant of the ceiling. Moving it to the centre would give the players more ceiling space.

Wheadon mentioned that factors to consider if they do move the court is the cost of possibly moving the score clock, how will they store the bleachers around the court and redesign it so they can have as much court space as possible.

Unless they get the go-ahead from the construction company, the plan is to renew the flooring and move the weights into the new fitness centre. This will increase space and activities in the Dalplex.

“I think the students will be excited,” says Wheadon.

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