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Chase the ace

In this image: A pin featuring the asexuality flag.

Michael J. Doré said many asexual people feel alone, “like they are misfit.” In reality, all they are is lacking sexual attraction.

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Let’s talk about asexuality

AUTHOR::     The problem with being asexual is that it can take a long time to actually figure it out. Not that interested in guys? Maybe you’re gay. Not that interested in girls? Maybe you just haven’t met the right one. You’ll find the right gal, guy or someone in between eventually, and let…

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My sexual preference is nope

Asexuality is common and normal, but due to misconceptions and societal pressures around sexual attraction and activity, many aces wonder what is wrong with them, and often think that they are broken or unlovable before discovering their identities. Often asexuality and aromanticism are portrayed as flaws, disorders, or illnesses in popular media like movies and…

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