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Student democracy inaction

It’s excusable to have missed the Dalhousie Student Union’s Canada day boycott, because they did too. They had every intention of boycotting but the motion was not introduced with adequate notice, and was struck down on a procedural review. So the resolution didn’t pass until mid-July. While some may find it in their hearts to excuse that lapse in effective governance, it seems strange to me, to forgive an organization for failing…

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Reply to Haiven and Zayid

Professor Larry Haiven of Saint Mary’s and retired Professor Zayid take aim at our article that appeared in the March 08 issue of the Gazette. (Letters, March 28) The professors are adept in the art of willful blindness. Larry Haiven suggests that a writer for Haaretz determined that anti-Semitism was not linked to BDS campaigns…

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Russia’s anti-gay laws

Canada can stand up for gay rights in many ways—boycotting should not be one of them. (Photo by Dominic Alves via Flickr)

  There have been talks, speeches, conversations, web-forums, radio shows and rallies discussing Canada’s attendance, or lack thereof, at the Sochi Winter Olympics. We’re coming down to the wire on this issue with the 2014 Games beginning on Feb. 7. We should attend. There are many sources of conflicts in Russia right now, the most…

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