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“It” draws you in just to freak you out

Classically, clowns are around to make you laugh – this is not the case in the film  It. The killer clown  Pennywise  is a shape shifter  whose personal  favourite  form is a tall, balding, sharpen toothed grinning clown.  His food preference: children. Surprisingly, this horrifying enigmatic creature is not the  centre  of the film. It  focuses on the…

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Theatre Review: “The FEAR Project”

When a show promises to be a “new musical creation” based upon cultural fears such as June bugs, terrorists, and anal sex, it has a lot to live up to. Writers and performers Kristi Anderson and Garry Williams seem unfathomably cognizant of the weight they hold on their shoulders and keep the promise that the…

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The topsy-turvy life of a circus star

The Burnside Industrial Park area is a convolution of overpasses, underpasses, highway exits and multiple streets with the same name. The Atlantic Cirque is tucked into Oland Cresent in this concrete labyrinth. It is a mecca for the acrobatically inclined. The year-end evaluation at Atlantic Cirque fell on Saturday, Sept. 1, when most students were…

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